Bel Mont Farm • Waterford, Virginia



Premium Board Training and Care - Price available upon request

  • Includes six training rides or lessons per week tacking and untacking
    • Up to six times per week, upon receiving one hour notice.
  • Stall cleaned and bedded daily
  • Morning and evening customized feeding with premium feeds
  • Supplement and routine medication administration
  • Scheduled deworming program
  • Daily turnout (weather permitting)
  • Blanketing (morning and evening)
  • Minor or routine therapies (standing bandages, ointments and treatments, hot or cold therapies)
  • Daily grooming
  • Face clipping, mane pulling and other turn out as needed
  • Tack cleaning
    • Bridles, bits, breastplates and girths cleaned after each ride.
    • Saddles cleaned as necessary
  • Horse Laundry
    • Boots, saddle pads cleaned as necessary
    • Blankets cleaned occasionally as necessary

Boarder Amenities

  • Heated, luxurious tack room and boarder lounge
  • For the rider, there is an oversize lounge with kitchen appliances, dining area, sitting and media area, inside observation room and outside veranda with BBQ, as well as a bathroom with linen closet and shower.
  • Individual space for tack trunk and supplies
  • Bathing supplies (shampoo, conditioner, sponges and scrapers)
  • Horsecare supplies (flyspray, alcohol, and showsheen)
  • Tack cleaning supplies (soap, conditioners, sponges, oils, polish

Indoor Arena

At Bel Mont Farm, our 100x200 foot indoor arena features state of the art footing, large slider windows with views of the property, and close access to the barn and common areas.


Recognizing the benefits of extended turn out for healthy horses, Bel Mont Farm offers unique and individualized turn out, maximizing paddock space with client need. Each paddock features all-weather automatic waters and daily hay supply.

Extra Grooming Services (fees apply)

  • Seasonal Clipping
  • Braiding
  • Show/Hunt Prep (excluding braiding)

Extra Training Services

  • Exercise and training rides on a per unit basis
  • Lunging or hacking
  • Coaching at shows

Other Horse Care Available

  • Trailering
  • Individual and group lessons are available at Bel Mont Farm

Ride Out and Trails

Miles of trails meander through the fields and woods at Bel Mont Farm.

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