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Our Clients

Our Clients

At Bel Mont farm, our clients are at the heart of our business. Below are snapshots and quotes from current boarders and clients at Bel Mont Farm.

“I have known Dorna Taintor since February 2011 when I brought a problem horse to her at Joe Fargis’ recommendation. Since then, despite the distance (I live north of Baltimore), I have boarded numerous horses at Bel Mont Farm. For the past 3 years she has trained my son in Hunter, Jumper and Equitation. Her training methods are traditional, methodical and have proven to be quite effective. When Bailey started with her, he was jumping 2’6”, both in and out of the ring. In just three short years, she has made him a solid 1.15m rider. The horse care that she provides is unparalleled; every consideration is given to the horses’ soundness and saneness. I never worry that my horses aren’t taken care of exactly to my specifications. It is her attention to detail that allows our horses to perform at the top of their game. The atmosphere at the barn is wonderful; we are like a family. We all look out for each other and jump in to help as needed. Finding Dorna has been such a blessing. I highly recommend her as both a trainer and a horse care provider. ”

– Tamara Doloff (Bailey Doloff’s Mom)

“I've been riding with Dorna since August of 2010, when I brought my very green 3.5 year old mare to Bel Mont. At that time, she had less than 60 days under saddle, and I arrived intending to have Dorna put some more flatwork on her before moving her to my prior barn. However, within a few weeks, it became apparent I had found a wonderful new barn and would be staying. Dorna has spent the last 2.5 years developing her slowly and carefully into a wonderful horse who is both competitive in the show ring and very amateur friendly. Dorna's patience, kindness, and softness as a rider have given my (sometimes difficult) mare a ton of confidence. She has also involved me in the process every step of the way in her training and care. She is a consummate professional and horsewoman. Honest to a fault, dedicated to doing things the right way (even if it takes more time), attentive to details of horse care & management, and extremely hard working. I have been absolutely thrilled with Dorna and the rest of the team at Bel Mont, and look forward to continued success.”

– Jenn Scheurich

“I began training with Dorna about a year ago with a 1.10m jumper and a young horse that had just begun to jump around courses. I am very pleased with the positive changes in my riding and my horses' ways of going as a result of Dorna's commitment to classical principles and sound fundamentals. Each time I ship in for a lesson she has a specific exercise set up and a well thought out lesson plan to work on a particular weakness. Her lessons are simple and straightforward, but very productive and effective. By the end of last season the 1.10m horse and I jumped clean around our first 1.20m and my young horse showed in the baby greens and 2'9" schooling hunters. Aside from her talent for producing successful horses and riders, Dorna's attention to detail and sound common sense make me very comfortable leaving my horse with her while I'm out of the country for a few months. I can not wait to see what she has done with him by the time I get back!”

– Michelle Mahoney

“Dorna, excellent choice for trainer/instructor knows stuff, has a keen eye, well respected in equestrian circles. We have been with Dorna since 2006 with two very different teams of horses and riders. She picks up on the smallest details noticing when I lowered my leathers "one" hole and always picks up on a horse’s change of movement or overall health. She is an incredible resource for all aspects of a horse health, behavior and psyche. She has well founded training methods for horse and rider. Accepts a challenge, I had minimum experience competing and was showing at the 2"6 level, in 6 months she prepared our team to fulfill a "bucket list" goal and we successfully competed at Upperville. Since then with little notice we decided to shift to jumpers and Dorna enabled that goal. In particular last year was awesome for my active senior and me being very competitive at several Lexington shows, Upperville and Raleigh NC. Booth teams have continue to move on to bigger and better events”

– Team "Boo Boo" and Team "Stormie" - John McCloud, Bridget Wilson

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